Личный кабинет



1.1 A sold valid account is non-refundable (before buying, read the description of the Account)

1.2 Changing data or performing any actions in the purchased account (accounts) carried out by the buyer, subsequently requesting a replacement for any reason. In such cases, replacement will be refused!

1.3 Due to the loss of access or blocking in the purchased valid account (accounts), the replacement will not be made.

1.4 After purchasing several accounts, first of all, check all purchased accounts for validity, and only then can you perform any actions in the accounts. This procedure will save you time if there were no valid accounts at the time of purchase.

1.5 If you have checked-checked the purchased accounts with a public-checker, public-proxies, or not with high-quality software, then the accounts cannot be replaced!

1.6 The sold Accounts should be checked for validity during the WARRANTY times, it is indicated in the description. After the expiration of the warranty period, the exchange of goods, refunds will not be made! (you can check everything in 60 minutes), we issue a replacement within 24 hours.

1.7 Sold Coupons, activate during the warranty period, if you activate after a few hours, days and they are invalid, there should be no claims to us.

1.8 The consumer does not have the right to demand a refund if he cannot figure out the purchased product (before purchasing, read the description of the Account)

1.9 If the purchased account does not match the description indicated on the site, immediately write to the contacts on the site and wait for a response. Do not use your account if you requested a replacement. If you ask for a replacement because the description does not match, but the account was used by you, you will be refused a replacement or refund.

1.10 The response time of technical support and the solution of all problems / claims up to 30 hours. (Depends on the time of day. On holidays / weekends, the waiting time may be increased).

1.12 The use of obscene language / Insulting the Administration / Support may cause a denial of service.

1.13 The store administration has the right to request proof of your words at its discretion screenshots / screen recording (from the moment "BUY")


2.1 From our side, we guarantee the sale of goods in one hand, after buying an account, it becomes only yours

2.2 In case of buying a non-working account, the administration of the store is obliged to replace the product, or return the money if there is no appropriate replacement.

2.3 In case of problems with the delivery of goods after payment, the store administration is obliged to issue the purchased goods, either manually or automatically, subject to payment in full.


3.1 In case your payment was suspended by the payment system for verification. You should contact those. store support, indicate: Payment system, and the start time of the transfer. After full payment, the store administration will give you the purchased goods, in manual or automatic mode.

3.2 Dear customers, carefully read the description of the product in order to buy exactly the product that you need.

3.3 Don't buy accounts months in advance. Test a small number of accounts if you want to purchase a large number.

3.4 Refunds are available at QIWI.

3.5 We do not provide training, advice on what to do with the purchased product, what security measures must be followed when using accounts, or how to log in correctly. There is always an accessible description for the goods, questions remain - ask by contacts before buying.

3.6 When buying an account, coupon in the online store "Acc-Seller.com", you automatically agree with the current "User Agreement"

3.7 The administration of the online store has the right to change these "User Agreement" at any time without prior and subsequent notice to the Buyer.

3.8 If the Consumer does not agree with the current contract, the consumer is obliged to stop using the services of the "Acc-Seller.com" online store.


1) Note number no. XXXXXXX

2) Your mail (which was indicated at the time of purchase)

3) Specify purchased Account (s)

4) Clarify the reason for the replacement

5) If you bought an account, it does not match the description, do not use it for your own purposes